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The profession and culture of hair dates back to ancient Egypt. It has always been a part of human customs and traditions. If this intrigues you, you should certainly consider becoming a part of the hair industry through P.T.B.B. College. You will learn the craft and discipline in just a matter of time, elevating your mind and status. What are you waiting for?


Personal Touch Beauty and Barber College

P.T.B.B. College is an incorporated institution built to educate, uplift and motivate students wanting a career in the hair industry. It is designed to teach students about the art of hair and how that art is built into beauty. Students will also learn about the science of hair and skin. Finally anyone attending the college will be trained to build their professional persona to equip them to run their own business.

Our Courses

Learn How to Be a Beauty Professional Today

For more information on the courses offered please visit our student handbook below.

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Professional Ethics  - 30 Hours

Licensing Laws - 5 Hours

History of Barbering - 5 Hours

Hygiene & Good Grooming - 45 Hours

Bacteriology & Sanitation Procedures - 35 Hours

Implements - 8 Hours

Disorders of Skin, Scalp & Hair Diseases - 35 Hours

Hair & Scalp Treatment - 35 Hours

Haircutting Fundamentals - 450 Hours

Men’s Hairpieces - 25 Hours

Cutting Over Curly Hair - 150 Hours

Mustaches & Beards – Cutting & Designing - 15 Hours

Shaving Fundamentals - 10 Hours

Honing & Stroping - 8 Hours

Shampooing & Rinsing - 50 Hours

Chemistry Product Knowledge - 90 Hours

Chemistry Hair Relaxing - 40 Hours

Permanent Waving  - 150 Hours

Hair Coloring  - 90 Hours

Hair Waving & Curling - 50 Hours

Facial Treatment - 15 Hours 

Anatomy & Physiology - 10 Hours

Shop Management - 35 Hours

Retailing - 35 Hours

Electricity and Light Therapy - 5 Hours

 Collaborations & Partners 

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